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CNN: Obama Leads In 7 Out Of 7 Battlegrounds

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The poll of polls reveals Obama holding steady. Colorado… CNN’s new Colorado Poll of Polls shows Obama leading McCain by 6 points 51% to 45%; The last Colorado Poll of Polls –- released Saturday –- showed Obama leading McCain by 7 points. Florida… An average of polls conducted in battleground Florida, shows Obama leading McCain […]

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AP Poll: Obama Leads In 8 Swing States

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Good signs on the state level (.pdf), even if Obama’s numbers are slipping a bit nationally in the past couple days. Colorado: Obama +9 Obama: 50% McCain: 41% Florida: Obama + 2 Obama: 45% McCain: 43% Nevada: Obama +12 Obama: 52% McCain: 40% New Hampshire: Obama +18 Obama: 55% McCain: 37% North Carolina: Obama +2 […]

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MSNBC Profiles Bob Barr

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Is Barr this year’s Nader? Probably not because this doesn’t appear to be a close call. However, he could definitely siphon off crucial votes in New Hampshire and Georgia. So, will Barr help bring about an Obama landslide? Tweet

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CNN/Time: Obama Makes Gains In NC, OH, WI, IN, NH

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First the numbers… New Hampshire: Obama 53%, McCain 45% Obama 51%, McCain 43%, Barr 3%, Nader 1% Wisconsin: Obama 51%, McCain 46% Obama 50%, McCain 42%, Nader 4%, Barr 1% Ohio: Obama 50%, McCain 47% Obama 48%, McCain 45%, Nader 3%, Barr 2% North Carolina: Obama 49%, McCain 49% Obama 49%, McCain 48%, Barr 2% […]

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ARG: Obama Up 12 In New Hampshire

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These findings are actually quite a bit of surprise given how strong McCain’s brand is in the Granite State, but the key here is that Independents favor Obama by a 15 point spread. Obama – 51% McCain – 39% Here’s how the demos break down… Party ID of likely voters Democrats – 31% Republicans – […]

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Pledged Delegate Switches From Edwards To Obama

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I missed this earlier… PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—A New Hampshire Democratic Party delegate who had supported John Edwards says he will support Barack Obama, now that Edwards has endorsed his former political rival for the party’s presidential nominee. Joshua Denton of Portsmouth, 26, an Iraq war veteran, says he thinks that both Obama and Hillary Clinton would […]

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Barack Obama Deals with Abortion Protestors

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At a rally in Dover, New Hampshire, Barack Obama was interrupted by a group of abortion protestors. I think he handled the situation pretty well. It was certainly a clever phrase, but it was rude of them to interrupt him. What do you think? Tweet

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Ron Paul Supporters Funding New Hampshire Recount?

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I know some of you commented in

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New Hampshire Recount Set For January 16th

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I know the Ron Paul supporters really wanted this, and I honest don’t really think we’re going to find out anything new, but this is the transparency of democracy in action. For that reason alone I’m glad to see this is happening. From Huff Post: The recounts will begin on January 16, at a time […]

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An Interesting Point About Hillary’s Tears

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Why then? Why not after Katrina? Thanks to TPM Election Central for the video. Tweet

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