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Hypothetically speaking – “Americans Elect” could disenfranchise New York (or any other state) in the 2012 presidential election.

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It is November 7, 2012. A plurality of the people of New York state have voted to put their confidence in AE candidate Michael Bloomberg. In a close election, neither Democratic candidate Barack Obama or Republican candidate Mitt Romney have secured a majority of electoral votes. New York’s 31 electoral votes will now determine who will be president. Yet by AE bylaws, Michael Bloomberg is now sidelined and will not decide how to cast the New York electoral votes on behalf of the people of New York. Instead, it is the Americans Elect delegates who will decide whether Obama or Romney receive New York’s 31 electoral votes and the presidency. As a practical matter, the people of the state of New York will be completely disenfranchised in the 2012 electoral college vote.

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New York City Mosque To Move To…New York City

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I refuse to call it the Ground Zero mosque because, well, it’s not at Ground Zero. It’s close, but it’s not at the site…which I think most people who opposed it think it is. But here’s the thing…looks like it’s moving to another part of the city. From Haaretz: After weeks of heated debate over […]

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Faisal Shahzad Admits To Time Square Bombing Attempt

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And he says that he acted alone. We shall see… From Reuter: “He’s admitted to buying the truck, putting the devices together, putting them in the truck, leaving the truck there and leaving the scene,” the law enforcement source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. “He’s claimed to have acted alone. He did admit […]

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More On Faisal Shahzad, Times Square Bombing Suspect

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By now you know that he was nabbed last night at JFK International Airport, but do you know how it happened? From Politico: The number from a disposable cellphone led FBI agents to the suspect arrested Monday night for allegedly driving a car bomb into Times Square on Saturday evening, according to a senior official. […]

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BREAKING: Times Square Terrorist Bomb Plot Said To Have International Ties

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Looks like their may be a Pakistani connection after all, but it still doesn’t appear that those who initially claimed responsibility are tied to this. From ABC News: The Washington Post, quoting Obama Administration sources, said the attempted bombing “increasingly appears to have been coordinated by several people in a plot with international links.” Other […]

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Video of Times Square Bomb Suspect

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From the looks of the video, this guy could have been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, investigators can’t ignore any leads right now. More as it develops… Tweet

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A Closer Look At Times Square Bomb, Motives & Threat

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A group associated with the Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility, but that’s already pretty much been debunked since a) the bomb sucked and b) the same group claimed responsibility for other situations that they weren’t involved with. And then there’s the South Park/Viacom story, which seems very thin at this point. All we do […]

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News Headlines for Independents

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INDEPENDENT VOTERS If you want to call it “fickle” to leave the two-party system behind in favor creating a new political culture, call me fickle! 2010: Fight for fickle kids (By: Eamon Javers, Politico) Stanford University political science professor Morris Fiorina is convinced that both political parties haven’t yet grasped the scale of the change […]

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Spring training hopes eternal

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Conservative Dem Kirsten Gillibrand Picked For Hillary’s Seat

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What a difference a day makes… ALBANY – Gov. Paterson, defying the liberal wing of his Democratic Party, has chosen little-known, NRA-backed, upstate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as New York’s junior senator, it was learned last night. The surprising – and, for many Democrats shocking – decision to pick the conservative […]

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