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Townes Van Zandt was an incredible songwriter and a great storyteller. I first heard this song on a live album where he’s playing in Germany. He explains that Amarillo is a town in Texas where the wind blows 80 miles per hour all the time. He says the hippies look real funny there because their […]

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I lived in Baltimore for about four years. The city is flawed in many ways but it’s beautiful in many more ways. American history runs through Baltimore’s veins. The War of 1812: Stand on the point at Ft. McHenry and imagine watching British ships coming up the Bay. Imagine seeing them well before they are […]

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Donklephant Monday Open Thread

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What do you think Robert Byrd’s legacy will be? When do you think BP will be able to finally cap the well? What do you think about the SCOTUS decision on gun rights? Sound off! Tweet

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