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House Approves $97 Billion in War Funding

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Iraq, War

While some have worried that the Democratic controlled Congress might strip our war efforts of funding, that wasn’t the case in the House where members passed $97 billion in war funding by a vote of 368-60 — $12 billion more than President Obama requested. The senate is in the process of passing a similar bill, […]

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U.S. Forces May Stay in Mosul Past Deadline

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Iraq, Military, War

For those who’ve worried that under the command of President Obama, our military in Iraq won’t be able to adjust to realities on the ground, there’s this story out of Mosul. Conditions in the region are not good and our forces are likely postpone the scheduled withdrawal if Iraqi authorities ask us to stay. Army […]

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Afghanistan is Now Obama’s War

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, War

The phrase “war on terror” may no longer be in vogue, but the fight against terrorism remains a top priority, as confirmed by President Obama’s announcement today: Obama warned that al-Qaida is actively planning attacks on the United States from secret havens in Pakistan. He said he was setting new benchmarks and sending in 4,000 […]

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Obama to Announce New Afghanistan Troop Increase

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Terrorism, War

Looks like President Obama isn’t the reactionary pacifist some of his critics (and supporters) thought he was. Tomorrow, the administration is expected to announce a major increase in forces in Afghanistan. Confronting an inherited and faltering war, President Barack Obama plans to dispatch thousands more military and civilian trainers to Afghanistan by the fall on […]

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Obama Gets Rid of “Enemy Combatant” Designation

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Bush, The War On Terrorism, War

President Obama has decided to relegate the term “enemy combatant” to the waste bin of the Bush era. The Obama administration is abandoning one of President George W. Bush’s key phrases in the war on terrorism: enemy combatant In court filings Friday, the Justice Department said it will no longer use the term to justify […]

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Follow Louis C.K On His USO Tour

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, Iraq, Video, War

One of my favorite comedians is on his way overseas to entertain our brave men and women and he’s posting a lot of pictures and commentary detailing the whole thing. Here’s the first entry… Last December (2008) I went to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the Seargent Major Tour for the USO. I […]

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Pentagon Changes Policy on Media Photos of War Dead

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Media, Pictures, War

The Department of Defense has altered the policy concerning the photography of America’s returning war dead. Now, news organizations will be allowed to photograph and disseminate photos of flag-draped coffins — as long as the families of the fallen soldiers give permission. While the no-photographs policy has been in place since 1991, the issue became […]

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All Combat Troops to be Out of Iraq in 19 Months

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Iraq, War

Barack Obama’s early campaign was fueled, in part, by his opposition to the war in Iraq. Now, as president, he looks ready to live up to his promise to remove our troops from the nation we invaded almost six years ago. Obama’s plan would pull out all combat troops 19 months after his inauguration, although […]

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Obama’s new Afghan policy: more war, less development and reconstruction

By John Burke | Related entries in Karzai, Obama, War

A U.S. combat outpost in the endless mountains of Afghanistan President Obama said in his campaign that he would shift U.S. attention to the war in Afghanistan and rethink American strategy there.  It’s clear he intends to do just that.  But according to a New York Times story sourced to “senior administration officials,” in a […]

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Joe The Plumber Thinks Media Shouldn’t Report On Wars

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Disasters, Israel, Media, Military, Video, War

Kind of an odd statement coming from a guy who accepted a paid gig to be a war correspondent, but hey…it’s not like Pajamas TV is paying Wurzelbacher to be consistent or even correct. AP reports… And here’s a partial transcript just in case you can’t see the video… I’ll be honest with you. I […]

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