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Do You Want to Beta Test the Pocket Edition of Minecraft?


If you haven’t played the ultimate crafting and building game, Minecraft, now’s your chance to jump in and maybe even become part of the early action as a beta tester!

That’s right – Mojang and Microsoft have tons of opportunities available for gamers that want to beta test one of the world’s most popular games.

Whether it is the pocket edition, the console editions, or even the PC classic, Mojang is always on the lookout for fans eager to beta test their favorite game.

Aside from the thrill of beta testing, you will also have a leg up on other players in that you can learn the ins and outs of the latest updates – all before they’re revealed!

One of the biggest beta testings in recent memory was Mojang’s launch of cross-platform play between the Android, PC, Switch, and Xbox One console!

Gamers in the various iterations of Minecraft could join together in crossplay for the first time in the game’s history and on such a huge scale.

Of course, the eventual launch of this feature would not have gone smoothly without beta testers.

Want to become a Minecraft Beta tester?

Here’s how you can:



You need to buy a digital download version of the game. Disc owners will not be supported in beta testing Minecraft.

How to join the Minecraft Beta on Windows 10 or Xbox One:

  1. Go to the Store app on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.
  1. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub app.
  1. Download and install Xbox Insider Hub.
  1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub.
  1. Navigate to Insider content > Minecraft Beta.
  1. Select Join.
  1. Have fun while making Minecraft a better game!

How to become a Minecraft Beta tester on Android:

Head to this website here:

Then deliver feedback to

Report bugs to

And that’s all you need to know for beta testing on the largest platforms.

Of course, the price of ownership is often nominal given the tons of hours you likely pour into Minecraft.

So if you haven’t purchased the game yet, now’s your opportunity to do so.

Minecraft continually impresses the video game industry with its longevity and innovation, taking a relatively simple concept and expanding it well beyond what most people would have ever imagined.

Beta testing should not only be fun but could also provide valuable insights into the future direction of the game.

One of the rumored features coming to Minecraft is some kind of Battle Royale system, a la PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

While the battle royale genre is hot right now, no one knows how it will work out on Minecraft. But you might get some sense of it if you sign up to be a beta tester.

If you love Minecraft, then don’t hesitate – sign up to become a beta tester today and lead tomorrow’s Minecraft players with your mastery of the new features and items.

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