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Who Will Be the Fallout 5 Radio Host?


One of the fan favorite features of the now-classic Fallout 3 from Bethesda, released back in 2008, was the host of Galaxy News Radio, 3 Dog, who accompanied the player in his quest across the Capital Wasteland and served as an introduction to the humanity of the game’s world.


Why Radio Host for Fallout 5 Is Important

Of course, there was also the radio station hosted by President John Henry Eden, but that’s another story entirely.

One thing that players lamented about Fallout 4 was that Travis Miles, the host of Diamond City Radio, never quite lived up their expectations for a radio host but nonetheless served the post well. Mr. New Vegas, the AI host of Radio New Vegas, also did a pretty stand up job but some players thought the character’s backstory was a bit lacking.

What all of this tells us is that the radio host is a pretty integral experience to the Fallout experiences after Fallout 3.

And that explains why the speculation about the radio host can get so involved – it really does tell you a lot about the potential direction of the new game.

Before we delve into who we think the new radio host will be or what the rumors are so far, we should clear up a few other rumors about the game.

Fallout 5 Rumors and Expectations

The biggest rumor that is likely true is that Fallout 5 will use a new game engine. This is probably the case and it will probably share it with whatever game is next in line in the Elder Scrolls series.

Another rumor that is likely false is that the game will not take place in the United States. Why is this important? Well, if the game didn’t take place in the continental US, but rather elsewhere, the radio host and the soundtrack itself could be completely different. While that wouldn’t be an unwelcome thing, it is unlikely that Bethesda is going to move the game out of the US. There have been rumors of locations such as New Orleans or Chicago, but nothing is set in stone yet.

One rumor that involved and was even started by the voice actor behind 3 Dog, Erik Todd Dellums, even suggested that listeners would be hearing more from the radio host soon after Bethesda secured the rights to a Fallout MMO from Interplay.

Although the tweet has since been deleted and was posted all the way back in 2013, it did fuel speculation that Bethesda was hard at work on an MMO for the Fallout franchise, one that would potentially feature radio hosts a la the main series.


So who will the be radio host for Fallout 5? Really, it’s anyone’s guess at this point but there have been strong hints that whoever is chosen will have to tie in with the locale of the game, as previously established in other Fallout titles.

The really interesting prospect here though is the potential Fallout MMO. As MMO’s have longer lifespans in general than mainline titles, due to their iterative nature which is constantly being updated, a Fallout MMO’s radio hosts could provide a much more varied experience than ever before.

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