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Call of Duty WWII Beta For PS4 New Features and Improvements


On August 25, we will get the chance to enjoy Call of Duty: WWII Beta on PlayStation 4. Naturally, everybody is curious about it, so the developer Sledgehammer Games has unveiled what we can expect from the upcoming test. Today we are presenting you the list with the new features you should expect to find on the future version.

New Features

  1. Maps

Diehard fans of the game will notice a minimum of 3 Multiplayer maps, namely Ardennes, Pointe du Hoc and Gibraltar.

  1. War

The war is produced in partnership with Raven Software. Operation Breakout is a completely new way of playing Call of Duty Multiplayer. It’s, in fact, an immersive fight between Allies vs. Axis. The action takes place in the village of St. Lo, France, which has been terribly affected by the war.

  1. Modes

There are plenty of fan-favorite modes designed for the new version of the game. These include Hardpoint, Domination and Team Deathmatch.

  1. Divisions

The best part about this is that now you are not limited anymore to enlisting in just one division. Now you can choose between Armored, Airborne, Infantry, Expeditionary or Mountain Division. Naturally, we recommend you to try them all out.

  1. Progression

Players start off at Soldier Rank 1 and then advance with the help of a limited progression. They can unlock weapons, equipment, scorestreaks, as well as Basic Training Skills.

Finally, Sledgehammer took the time to explain how much players’ feedback helps them finish off features, optimize the gameplay balance and refine the rest of the development roadmap until the release.

Fans’ Reactions

Obviously, fans are delighted to test out the new features and to see what other surprises Sledgehammer has prepared for them. Also, don’t forget about the important contribution you can make for the game development!

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