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Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo joins the Pokemon Go cast


Pokemon Go continues to evolve and surprise its users and Mewtwo’s arrival represents the latest addition to the game. However, catching the newest Legendary will prove to be more difficult than it was with the others and the players will have to face a real challenge with this one.

The debut of Mewtwo follows the previous Pokemon Go updates: the release of several Legendary birds and the third shiny monster, Shiny Pikachu, available for the Japanese players only.

Mewtwo became available for capture in Japan at the Pokemon Go Stadium event where attending players were able to catch it for the first time. Now the Legendary is making its way across the globe and it will soon be accessible for users worldwide. According to Niantic there will be a new addition to the mobile game: Exclusives Raid Battles. These will offer the player a chance to catch this powerful Pokemon by teaming up with other trainers.

But there is a catch to this update though: while this feature will “periodically appear” you will need an invitation in order to join the Exclusive Raid Battle. However, receiving an invitation is not necessarily difficult. The main condition is to complete a regular Raid in the same spot where an Exclusive one takes place. Pokemon Go officials added that Raid winners will be announced beforehand in order to have time to prepare for the battle.

And the good news doesn’t stop here. Niantic also released again the other four Legendaries. However, these Pokemons are obtainable for a limited time only and Pokemon Go players can catch them until August 31. Fans are also teased with the promise of other powerful Pokemons that are rumored to appear in the future, so keep an eye on the news.

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