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Can You Submit Ideas for Dead Space 4? This and Other Updates About the Game!


So much talk has been going on about the much-anticipated fourth Dead Space installment. Fans have been asking so many questions about it but the answers remain unclear.

What will the next installment bring to the table? Or is it going to happen at all?

After the success of the first three installments, fans have been waiting for the next Dead Space video game for quite a while now. But for how long will they keep on waiting?

Let’s discuss what is really in store for the game, the rumors and speculations surrounding the matter, and if it’s possible for fans to submit their ideas for Dead Space 4.


EA Keeps its Silence

Ever since EA announced that Visceral Games is closing their doors, fans have been wanting to know if whether or not the next Dead Space installment is a go.

The world-renowned video game company says that their Visceral studio has a Star Wars universe action game in the works. According to them, they are “shifting the game to be a broader experience”.

The change has led to their decision to cease operations for Visceral and take the game’s development over to the team from EA Vancouver. With the company’s move to shut down the studio, fans of Dead Space wants to know if they will discontinue their beloved game.

People are really hoping for a Dead Space 4 but it seems like EA is still keeping their silence regarding the matter. Reports have shown that EA is neither confirming nor denying it. Up to this day, it’s still an unanswered question.

Dead Space 4 Rumors and Speculations

Rumors have been going around since 2014 about the fourth Dead Space installment. Most rumors have been speculating a 2017 release but now that we’re in 2018, that rumor isn’t really relevant anymore.

Recently a spokesperson has spoken up about the matter saying that the team has been busy with other games such as Battlefield Hardline and that Dead Space is still possible.

Should there really be a Dead Space 4 release coming soon, it would likely be from an existing development team from EA itself. And since would be a new set of talents, it may mean new possibilities for the game.

Is it Possible to Submit Ideas for Dead Space 4?

While fans continue to anticipate on the possibility of a Dead Space 4 release soon, they can pitch in their own ideas for the game. Video game fans are known to be passionate about the games that they play and Dead Space 4 is no different.

If you look at the game’s mother company’s FAQ sheet, submitting ideas for the game is currently not possible. With thousands of developers behind one game, a lot of ideas from them alone doesn’t always see the light of day.

However, that doesn’t stop fans from pitching their own ideas. Today, millions of gaming enthusiasts either voice out their suggestions to gaming forums and even on social media.

So while you wait for official announcements about Dead Space 4, speak up and make your ideas known! You’ll never know, a member of their team might see your idea and take it into account.

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