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Clash of Clans Combinations That You Can Use to Destroy a TH9 Village


There are many Clash of Clans players that are struggling in getting 3 stars when they raid a village that has a Town Hall level 9. Well, today we will give you some tips on how to attack a village that has a TH9 and how you can easily get 3 stars.

There are many combinations that you can use to destroy a TH9 village in Clash of Clans, but not all of them are very efficient.

Valkyrie, Golem And Wizard

We have to mention that this combo is only good against certain villages, which means that you might fail from time to time when you attack a well defended village. You will have to send first the Golems in one corner and place the Wizards right behind them. After that, you will have to deploy the Valkyries and your heroes, but also use your rage spell and also heal spell when it is needed. You will notice that the village will get destroyed quite fast even if you don’t use a jump spell.

Lava Hounds, Loons And Golem

This is a hybrid land and air attack, which you can find a bit complex due to the amount of troops used. However, the idea is quite simple as you will have to focus to push in with a few Golems and Wizards with the support of your heroes to clear the anti-air defenses. Once you destroy the anti-air defenses you can send out Lava Hounds and Loons to destroy the base and get you the 3 stars victory.

Golem, Valkyries, Hogs And Archer Queen Healer combo

This is an awesome combo, which you can also use against villages that have Town Hall 10. The Archer Queen and Healer combo is very strong at all levels right now and if you have enough healers around your hero, you will be able to destroy an entire side of the map.

In case you notice that your Archer Queen is taking too much damage, you need to rage both the healers and the AQ in order to help her stay alive. In another corner of the map you will send out Golem, Valkyries and Hogs, which should not have any problem on getting their way into the base.

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