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Pokémon Sun and Moon Will Get A New Pokémon Soon


Nintendo hasn’t yet unveiled any details regarding the ways its players are going to receive the new mythical Pokémon – Marshadow.

Ever since it was released, Pokémon Sun and Moon has been getting constant Pokémon distribution events. These have been allowing players to collect some pretty hard to find mythical Pokémon such as Magearna. Now Nintendo has made a cool unveiling of a next mythical Pokémon which is going to be a fighting/ghost type called Marshadow.

Even if the company has revealed this new Pokémon, Nintendo did not yet brag with any details about it; they haven’t even said what its abilities are going to be and how we can get it. Still, according to Bulbapeida, the new Pokémon called Marshadow is going to be a dual-type Fighting/Ghost one with the Technician ability. The creature seems to have an area around its face that is quite similar to headgear, and this is going to turn green when it attacks and when it will use its exclusive Z-Move. The bulbs on Marshadow’s arms are also going to be able to turn green.

Marshadow is being featured in the latest Pokémon movie called Pokémon: The Movie – I Choose You, so it’s not wrong if we assume that, at least in Japan, the Pokémon is going to be distributed with the new movie, just the way is was done in the past. Regarding its distribution in US, it will probably come through a Wi-Fi distribution event.

More details are expected to come about how we can obtain the little special fellow. Anyway, we’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that we’ll be able to meet the new Marshadow as soon as possible, and see what cool stuff it’s going to be able to perform.

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