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Clash of Clans Major Update Comes with 4th Hero and More


In the past few days we’ve talked about a major update that’s coming to Clash of Clans. Well, it seems that new rumors have surfaced saying that the alleged update will bring a fourth hero, gem mine and shipwreck to the game.

In the meantime, Supercell is currently holding a “Heal Spell” event in Clash of Clans, allowing players to purchase Heal Spells at 90% price reduction. The developing company has announced this event via the game’s official Twitter web page, where it mentioned that the fans should take advantage of this big discount on Healing Spells during their raids.

To make things even better, Supercell has re-confirmed that a new major update will be released for Clash of Clans. The bad news is that this update will not be released before the end of this month, which means that it will hit the game sometime in May 2017.

If the rumors will prove to be true and the new Clash of Clans major update will come with the 4th Hero, gem mine and shipwreck, then we’re pretty sure that most of the players that have left the game for a while will re-install it on their devices.

According to rumors, the 4th Hero that will be added to Clash of Clans will be either Goblin Hero or Wizard King. When it comes to the new Gem Mine, rumors are suggesting that the developers could bring a new currency to the game that will allow you to train some new troops.

Supercell doesn’t want to reveal too much information about the new features and options that the major update will bring to Clash of Clans. However, a 4Th Hero and shipwreck will be more than enough to make the “retired” players to come back to the game.

Will you return to Clash of Clans if a 4th Hero will be added?

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