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Clash of Clans Upcoming Update Will Bring Some New Village Features


According to reports, the upcoming Clash of Clans update will bring some major changes to the game. We remind you that since November, there have been many talks about an unused shipwreck asset that was quietly added to the game’s file.

Earlier this month, the same code was updated and many think that the developers are preparing to enable the shipwreck. This will most likely happen once the major update will be released, which will also bring some new features and options.

We remind you that some reports were suggesting that multiple villages will be added to Clash of Clans and that the shipwreck will actually be used as a way to transfer loot from a village to another.

Supercell doesn’t want to reveal any official information in order to keep the hype as high as possible. This way, they will surely know that almost any player that has stopped playing “Clash of Clans” game will retry it once the major update will be released.

A multiple village feature will actually be pretty good, as there are many players who are getting bored between the raids, because they need to wait for the troops to train and the spells to be completed. However, by having multiple villages, the players will just switch from a village to another and start raiding using the troops that area already trained in that particular village.

Some earlier reports were suggesting that the Clash of Clans major update will actually be released before the end of April 2017. However, we’re pretty sure that this will not happen before May or even June 2017.

Have you stopped playing Clash of Clans? Are you considering coming back to this game if this upcoming major update will bring multiple villages, shipwreck and other new features and options?

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