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Clash of Clans Quick Golden Rules – What There is to Know


Most gamers are still waiting for the highly anticipated shipyard update while others have decided to focus on improving their strategies for war raids, and as such, they have created various rules, guides and tricks in order to prevent various beginner errors that can affect both the player and the clan.

They are known on Reddit as ‘’Golden Rules’’. These are the tips provided by Redditors to help answer the call for help launched by various users, such as Chief rock8879. The proponent of the aforementioned post has suggested to new players to see that the Queen and the CC have been dealt with before a hog dump. Troops should also be kept in reserve to handle the corner huts.

An advice for players who are having difficulties achieving 3 stars in a raid should consider not attacking higher level bases in the second wave. Always try and analyze your opponent before proceeding to attack his base and make sure you have enough soldiers, regardless if the opponent is 2 or 3 times higher in level than you.

When trying to conquer Town Hall 11, it is vital to take into consideration that 3 star attacks will be way more complicated, this is further complicated if the opponent is using the Eagle Artillery. Besides making a good strategy, it should always be considered good practice to train before going into the actual raid. Get well accustomed in using the Valkyries with Bowler. Lava Hounds will also improve your chances to win raids.

Aside from this, the potential arrival of the shipyard update will most likely make changes to the gameplay and how strategies play out. Despite the lack of official confirmation, the new update could potentially allow the use of ships during raids and battles which will definitely change strategies.

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