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Clash Of Clans Upcoming Four Teaser Videos Have Been Leaked


Clash of Clans game is about to receive a major update sometime soon and Supercell has already started releasing teasing videos about it. Well, it seems that the next four teaser videos that Supercell will release in the following days have already been leaked.

It seems that the title and descriptions have been written in Chinese, but thanks to 69cupcake, a Reddit user, now we have the upcoming Clash of Clans four teaser video names and descriptions regarding this major update.

  • Day 3 will be named Interesting Friends, where the characters from the ship will probably meet some new friends;
  • Day 4 will be named Sailing Daily and according to the description, the guys might try to go ashore with the boat;
  • Day 5 is called War Song and this might be the video where we will finally see some naval battles;
  • Finally, Day 6, which will most likely be the last one, is called “The Best Captain” and here is where the captain of the ship will start wondering if he can still be the captain or he might put someone else in charge.

We remind you that some previous rumors were suggesting that the “Shipyard” will actually be used to just switch from a village to another. However, we are starting to think that Clash of Clans could really receive a naval battle feature. This means that you will be able to train troops and send them to your ship/boat and, after that, you can start roaming around the sea and look for other players to attack.

We are looking forward to more Clash of Clans: Captain’s log teasers videos to go live, as they will surely bring more answers to our questions and we will finally see what Supercell is planning for us.

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