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Clash Of Clans May 2017 Update – Biggest Update Until Now


Recently, Supercell has confirmed that they are going to bring a massive update this month to their extremely popular game, Clash of Clans. From what it seems, this update is going to be huge, unlike all the updates were released until now. On a blog post, the developers revealed that massive update and mentioned what they left out of it.

Speculations and Theories

According to their declaration, the upcoming update will not include level 13 walls or Townhall 12. The team will not be bringing new hero levels either, plus we won’t be getting any sneak peeks. Up until now, the developers updated the game in order to reflect the boat found on the shores of villages. When you click it, the boat offers some information that sends you to a video containing a hint about the role of the boat.

Leaked Image

There is also another image that leaked on Twitter showing how will the shipwreck look like. Some say that the image is authentic, being leaked directly from the developers, but there are others who believe it’s fake, since the colors have something strange about them.

There is also the theory according to which the shipwreck might lead to a second village, but many players think that this will be available only for the night attackers. Another user posted a weird image on Twitter, showing what users are expecting to see on the other side. It is indeed a promising and exciting look, but you can’t really be sure about it until the official update is released.

Biggest Update Until Now

As such, this update seems to be the biggest one ever released, and what’s more interesting is that Supercell has officially confirmed that it will arrive in May, sometime in midtime.

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