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Clash Royale Best Tips and Tricks to Reach the Top


Clash Royale is a free to play card game that has been developed by Supercell. The game was inspired from the popular Clash of Clans game that was created by the same company. Today we will give you some tips and tricks that you can use while playing this mobile card game.

Using Skeleton Cards To Attack

There are many different Skeleton troop cards in Clash Royale and one of the weakest ones is “Giant Skeleton.” The card is very weak and doesn’t have too many health points and they die very quickly from arrow attacks. That being said, Skeleton cards are very good if you want to distract the other player before you drop an important card that will do some heavy damage. In other words, use Skeleton cards to distract your opponent and make him waste a card to destroy it before you release a way more important one.

Testing New Decks In Training Battles

Aside from trophies, you will not lose anything in Clash Royale while being defeated in a match. However, we think that it is a better way to learn how to play with your deck and make your deck better. After testing your new decks in Training Battles, you can always start practicing it versus clan-members in the training grounds.

Finally, once you think that your deck is good enough, you can queue to get a real opponent and see how good you are.

Never Rush Attacks

Some players prefer to rush an attack and we have to agree that sometimes it does work out, but there are many times when they fail really hard because of being so aggressive. A good player will always try to be more defensive at the beginning of a match and let his opponent waste his important cards. Once the important cards are taken care of, a good player will start “bullying” the opponent and destroy him.

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