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Mass Effect Andromeda Gets New Goodies – Check Out The New Patch 1.06


Ever since the game originally released, fans have been eager to receive any type of update they can get their hands on. The reason for this is that the game, as many would agree, didn’t look its best upon release with multiple issues and bugs borderline ruining the experience for diehard fans who have waited a long time for the game to come out.

The fact that the game’s developer BioWare has listened can be deduced from the release of the latest patch, patch 1.06. According to the developer, there are multiple improvements in this patch that make the game overall better, but they failed in specifically explaining what it is that they’ve changed or fixed.

The patch’s change log isn’t of much help and the only information players have managed to find regarding this patch is the ambiguous sort that only creates more questions instead of answering them. For example, according to BioWare, players should expect “various improvements” in the cinematic scenes that take place in the opening hours of the game experience. If that doesn’t sound like a lot to go on, it’s because it isn’t. There are also some others changes and fixes that take place in this patch. Here are some more concrete details on what to expect from patch 1.06.

Patch 1.06 contents

  • Cinematic scenes are improved in the game’s opening sequences;
  • The dialogue wheel will not grey out options if there’s dialogue to be heard still;
  • A bug where SAM announces that Ryder has email when it’s not true has also been fixed;
  • Various performance and stability issues have been addressed;
  • The chest armor in the game now comes will level requirements.

Extra content for Deluxe and Super Deluxe

There are two version of the game that will be getting an upgrade thanks to the new patch as well. Owners of these two versions will be receiving some in-game goodies. There will be 2 new skins available for the Nomad, and a new outfit labeled “casual Pathfinder”. Additionally, the multiplayer element will also benefit on these version by receiving a pack that grants high chances of getting ultra-rare goods.

New multiplayer changes

BioWare also announced that it is planning to overhaul the multiplayer aspect of the game in the sense that it will be balancing out the power of the game’s weapons. The underperforming state of multiple weapons caused most players to rely on just two more common weapons thus impacting the game negatively at Gold and Silver levels by amounting to a low total damage output. This has been addressed in patch 1.06 and will receive further support in following updates.

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