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Clash Royale Tips on How To Gain Night Witch Card


It was known for quite a while that the Night Witch and other remaining cards will come out of the game, but according to some new leaks, there will also be a special challenge that will allow you to gain this card.

Supercell knows that in order to keep the Clash Royale alive, it needs to release new cards every now and then. We have to agree that a game without updates usually dies within a few months and the company that has created Clash Royale knows this well.

According to reports, Night Witch will most likely be the next card that will be released for Clash Royale. There are already rumors about this card and how you will be able to obtain it. It seems that the developers will release a similar challenge that will allow you to get the Bandit card.

How To Get Night Witch Card Via A Special Challenge

According to the rumors, the new challenge will be named “Insane Draft Challenge” and it will offer you the ability to unlock the Night Witch card. Rumors say that the for every “x” victories you will get:

  • 100 Gems;
  • 5000 Gold;
  • 20 Dark Prince Cards;
  • Giant Safe;
  • Night Witch.

Unfortunately, it’s not sure how many victories you will need in this challenge to win the new legendary card, but the prizes are not looking that bad. Hopefully, you will not need too many victories to get your hands on the Night Witch card. There are also reports, which are suggesting that the “Night Witch” card could be actually called “Dark Witch.”

We remind you that Clash Royale was the game of 2016 in Google Play Store, beating the Pokémon Go game without any issues, even if the latter title had a really good start.

Do you think that it will be hard to get the Night/Dark Witch card?

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