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GTA 5 Online Leaks Show The Return of The Duke O’Death


To Rockstar’s misfortune, some information for their next GTA 5 Online update has been revealed prior to its release. This was not the case of some insider leaking the information or a cunning hacker finding out information in some source code. It was Rockstar themselves who accidentally tweeted about the return of The Duke O’Death, before deleting the tweet.

The Duke O’Death is a variant of the Dukes, which is based on the real life 1968-1970 Dodge Charger. Visually, it appears similar to the regular Dukes, but has a custom front bullbars, an external roll bar with attached lights, roll cage, side exit exhausts and rear louvers. Quite noticeable is the fact it has a supercharger ram air scoop on top of the hood. Data miners have also found out that the Duke will be released on Tuesday, which is the usual day for GTA 5 Online to have updates released.

Besides this, it would seem that new ‘’Pastel Pajamas’’ will also be added in the game until Monday, but it’s not quite clear if this was early released content.

Recently, GTA 5 Online players have seen most of the content in the form of classic cars, stunt races, bonuses and Adversary Modes and this shows that Rockstar are getting ready to announce their new spring content they have been planning. The expansion Gun Running is the last known content expansion that is planned for release. This will include all-new weapons, weaponized vehicles, missions and an incentive to start fighting for top of the illegal arms trade. Take on the craziest of militias across San Andreas while also stocking up and bunkering down against counter-attacks.

It is also known to Rockstar fans that Read Dead Redemption 2 is around the corner, namely it will be released in Autumn 2017. This could possibly mark a slowing down of content for GTA 5 Online, as the developers will focus on Read Dead Redemption 2.

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