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Quantum Break 2 To Be Released For Both Xbox Scorpio And PS4 Pro


Quant Break 2 has been announced for release for not only the Xbox consoles but also for the PlayStation 4. This comes as a surprise since the previous iteration of Quantum Break has been released, as far as consoles go, only for the Xbox.

Fans are clamoring for a sequel since the last one has left a bit of a cliff-hanger at the ending of the game and the studio behind the it, Remedy, have announced they will be working on their new project for more than just one platform. Besides this, there are talks for an overhaul of the original so that it will be included for the PlayStation consoles.

Previously codenamed as P7, Remedy has revealed this secret project in their financial report for their 2016 fiscal year. Their strategy was to release the game on more platforms and as such, they have been developing their new Northlight technology for the PlayStation 4 consoles. Northlight is the company’s engine used in Quantum Break.

One of Remedy Entertainment’s spokespersons has declared after the success of the original Quantum Break that they are extremely proud of what they have achieved and they are thanking the fans for making the game a complete success. They also extended thanks to their partner, Microsoft, for helping them create such a unique game.

For those who might not remember, Quantum Break is a third person, SCI-FI, action-adventure shooter and focuses on the actions of Jack Joyce. Jack is an individual who was granted the power to manipulate time after having experienced a failure with a time-machine experiment. This coupled with a personal conflict between him and his friend Paul Serene over how to handle the ‘’End of Time’’.

Unique to this game is the fact that it has an integrated television show, with real-life actors of the CGI characters you play and interact with.

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