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GTA 6 to be Set in Rome, Tokyo or Sao Paulo?


When it comes to the most expected new installments in a game series, Grand Theft Auto 6 surely takes the cake. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 is still very much alive and kicking, fans are already heavily speculating on how the sixth installment in the beloved open world franchise will look like. Many new features are expected to be brought to the game, along with brand new cities to explore and wreak havoc in. Let’s take a look at the possible cities of Grand Theft Auto 6.


In the gaming world, Rome is generally the setting for historical battles and the likes of that, not the modern-day gangsters of GTA. However, today’s Rome is ripe with amazing street culture combined with ancient ruins, making for a truly unique feel. If you think about it, street fights in the Colosseum would be a pretty neat thing to do in the game, right? Not to mention wreaking havoc around town on Vespas, like any respectable Italian would.


Very much in the spirit of Sega’s Yakuza series. Tokyo would be an amazing option for a new city in Grand Theft Auto 6. Just imagine the amazing visuals powered by the revolutionary improved graphics the game will come with, along with getting down and dirty in the streets of the Japanese capital. We’re betting it would be an awesome experience. Let’s hope Rockstar hears us out.

Sao Paulo

As you may well remember, Rockstar has already explored bits of Sao Paulo through Max Payne, another one of its beloved games. However, GTA’s open world format would be spectacular for a re-exploration of the largest city in Brazil. Also, the favelas that surround the city would potentially be an interesting location for various nefarious deeds.

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