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Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Will Come With A New Look


It seems that Nintendo has finally revealed that a new Minecraft edition for its Switch console will be released soon. However, not many people had the chance to see how the game will look like.

However, there are many rumors which say that this version of Minecraft brings some significant changes. In concordance with MyNintendoNews, the studio is planning to release more Minecraft footage about this upcoming version of the game today, on April 18, 2017. In other words, today we will finally be able to see what changes Nintendo has made to the Minecraft game for its Switch console.

Roger Carpenter, “Minecraft” Executive Producer, has mentioned in his Twitter profile that the “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” new look footage will be released today at 4-5PM. Carpenter added that there will also be new glides tracks and switch.

We remind you that some early speculations were suggesting that the “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition” will look like the Wii U version and that it will come with “Super Mario Bros” themed content.

Many fans of Minecraft are now wondering how Nintendo has modified the game. There are reports suggesting that there will be many Mario-oriented features that will make the game more exciting. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will also come with local/online multiplayer and battle mode, which will surely make many players very happy.

We remind you that the “Minecraft” console version is known as the most lagged version when it comes to receiving an update. However, the developers are trying now to release updates faster for consoles too. At the same time, the Minecraft mobile version is not having all the features that the PC and console version comes with, but it is quite handy for the players that travel a lot.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be released on May 11, 2017 and it will be available on Nintendo eShop. The game will also be available in stores, but at a later date.

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