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Clash of Clans April Update Comes With Improvements and Repairs


Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile strategy game that has been released by Supercell back in 2012 for iOS and 2013 for Android. The game has received many new features and options during these years, but it seems that the developer is preparing now a new major update that will be released this month.

It seems that some users have looked deep into the Clash of Clans game files and have found some information about what new things will be added to this game soon. It seems that the much-waited update will come with a shipwreck, which will allow the players to “repair” it and use it in their raids. We remind you that many Clash of Clans gamers have been asking for ships to be added to the game and it seems that the developers are finally listening to them.

However, that’s not all, as according to reports, a new button will be added to the game that will allow you to “change” the village. This means that a multi village feature will be added to the game that will allow you to manage two or even more villages at the same time. This is surely a good addition, as many fans of this game were getting bored when they had to wait between raids as the troops were training.

According to DroidReport, the cost of the Freeze Spell will be reduced significantly. In other words, the level 5 Freeze Spell will cost only 3500 elixir as the Clash of Clans April Update is released. We remind you that this spell currently costs 35000 elixir and this is one of the reasons why it is not used so often.

The Clash of Clans March Update has brought new air defense level for Town Hall level 11, but it also maximized the limit of walls up to level 25. At the same time, the Hog Riders and Miners have received more HP, while the damage of P.E.K.K.A has been increased.

Supercell has not confirmed anything yet about the Clash of Clans April 2017 update, but since it’s already the middle of April, we think that, in a few days, the company will release the update along with the change log.

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