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Pokemon Go May Launch Easter Event As It Usually Happens Before Big Holidays


With the Easter Holliday at our doorstep, Pokemon Go players should be happy to hear that a brand new event is being prepared for their pleasure by Niantic and it should begin later this week.

The developers of the game have a long-standing tradition of launching stealthy events with but a few days before some of the bigger holidays, as it was the case with Christmas, Halloween and Valentines.

Researches show that the games player base has seen a significant drop in players in the last year. It went from 28.5 million players to just 5 million as of the end of the previous year. However, the game has seen quite a major increase in its player base with the advent of the Gen 2 launch and with its various in-game events like the more recently seen Water Festival. With this in mind, it will not be unexpected to see an event being released for Easter.

According to Pokemon GO Hub, there has been information regarding Shiny type Pokemon. As of now, there are just two Shiny Pokemon, Magikarp and Gyarados – the evolved form of Magikarp, and the chance for a Magikarp to become Shiny is not really well understood. Some early research on the matter suggests that there is a 1 in 400 chances for this to occur.

In regards to the big Gym system overhaul, it is quite unlikely that we will see it coincide with the Easter Event although it would be amazing to see. What is known for sure is that Niantic has released a new Pokemon GO update on Android and iOS, which should have arrived on the supported devices. This is update will provide several important bug fixes, some UI changes like the scrollbar and a new language.

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