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Pokémon Go Upcoming Event Promises New Features and Exciting Options


You can already forget about the Pokémon Go Easter event, because Niantic is already working on a “Legendary” event that will be released in July 2017. According to the latest rumors, this event will bring some new features and options to the game, which means that the developing company is now trying to lure some of the players that have already stopped playing this game.

Yoshiji Kawashima and Kenji Suka, Niantic’s General Manager and General Marketing Manager, said during an interview for K-Tai Watch website that a “huge” Pokémon Go event is being prepared for this summer.

Kawashima said that he is looking forward to this event and that the developers are already working hard now in order to add implement the some new options and features to the game.

It seems that the new Pokémon Go event will bring raids, PvP modes and player trading. These are exactly the features that the players have been expecting for quite a while and there are high chances that the developers will finally succeed to lure the players back to this game.

Unfortunately, Niantic has not mentioned when exactly in July 2017 the major Pokémon Go update will be released, but it has promised that a co-op mode will also be added to the game this spring. We remind you that a recent report has revealed that inside the Pokémon Go code there is a “raid system” in the works and that it should be released sometime soon, as it will be a part of the “Gym battle redesign.”

There are also some other smaller events, which are being prepared for Pokémon Go this year. Niantic is also working with local governments for larger events, but it doesn’t want to give any details about this yet. We remind you that Niantic has held a big Pokémon Go event in Japan’s Tohoku Region, which has pleased many players from there.

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