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Pokémon Go Worldwide Bloom Event Allows you to Catch More grass-type Pokémon


Niantic has released a new event for its Pokémon Go game. This new event will allow you to easily catch grass-type Pokémon, as these types of “creatures” will spawn more often during this time.

According to Niantic, this event will end on May 8, 2017, which means that if you want to catch a few grass type Pokémon, you will need to do it before that date. We have to mention that during this event, grass-type Pokémon could also spawn in areas where there is no grass at all, but as soon as the event ends, they will return to their usual habitats.

We also remind you that during the Water Festival, you had a high chance to see and catch Shiny Pokémon. Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Exeggutor, Ivysaur, Chikorita, Bellossom and Bayleef are a few grass type Pokémon that can be caught during this weekend.

There are reports suggesting that the fans could also catch Celebi and Bellossom during the “Worldwide Bloom,” but Niantic has not confirmed this yet. We remind you that Bellossom requires the newly launched Sun Stone in order to evolve from Gloom, while Celebi is a very rare Pokémon.

This event also comes with the extension of Lure modules, as Niantic has already confirmed that in order to help the fans catch their favorite grass-type Pokémon during this event, Lure Modules will last for six hours for the entire weekend.

It seems that Niantic is trying very hard to bring back the Pokémon fans to its Pokémon Go game. However, they need to do better than this and a good example would be adding some new Pokémon or some new features or options to the game.

Are you still playing Pokémon Go? What do you think that this game needs in order to be as popular as it was in its first days?

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