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Supercell Confirms the Shipyard Update on Clash of Clans


It seems that some Supercell has finally decided to release a video that confirms the rumors that have surfaced a few weeks ago regarding a shipyard being added to the Clash of Clans game.

It is not sure yet what the ship/boat will be used for yet, but some of the earlier reports are suggesting that you will be able to use it to switch from a village to another. Yes, you’ve heard that right, a second village option will be released to Clash of Clans, allowing you to control two villages from a single account.

However, before we tell you more about this upcoming update, take a look at the new teasing video that Supercell has released:

We remind you that until now, Supercell has been hinting that a “major” update will be released for Clash of Clans. Unfortunately, the company has never said what kind of new content the new major update will bring to the game. Well, it didn’t take long for some Reddit users to notice the shipwreck in some leaked photos, making them think that ships are coming to this game.

The same Reddit users claim that the ships will also be able to be used in raids. Some new rumors are saying that “water battles” will be released to the Clash of Clans game. If this proves to be true, then Supercell could bring the ship update to a new level, allowing you to upgrade your ship and train your ship crew for raids in the sea.

However, we remind you that some previous leaked photos where showing the ship with the “Change village” option on it. This means that there are high chances that the ship will only be used to switch from a village to another.

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