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World of Warcraft 7.2.5 Update Improves The Design and Adds New Scenario


We see now that World of Warcraft is receiving a new mini-patch that is wedged between some big patches. It wears the number 7.2.5 and it will be sent to PTR towards the end of this week if everything goes well. Josh “Lore” Allen, who is the Blizzard community manager, has made the announcement on the forums previously today. He published a brief synopsis for the main goals and content that they included in this patch. We also got some more information after the MMO Champion did his datamining right, and here is what we have until now:

Content Updates

One of the most appreciated changes is the mix of new events, which include the auction house dance party, a transmog competition (which is really a dress-up contest), the Moonkin festival and others. According to MMO Champion, various players enter a scenario, change their outfit to match a theme with the help of the barber’s chair and then vote the best result. Another update consists in the fact that now you can revisit any old raid, since they will receive the Timewalking version, namely the Black Temple from the Burning Crusade.


Class design is yet another point where Blizzard made some upgrades, or at least according to Lore. As such, we see that the team paid attention to Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, Destruction Warlocks, Guardian Druids, Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks and Havoc Demon Hunters. Moreover, you will be able to test out the Trial of Style and other class tweaks immediately after the PTR will go live.

MMO Champions added some other new things for the update, for example the pet battle dungeons named Gnomeregan and Deadmines. Moreover, you can find an urgent message from Magni in the Sholazar Basin.

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