Immigration Reform Stalling…Again

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Immigration, Legislation

No surprise here. The GOP sees an approval rating in the low 20s for Bush and is running away from any type of reform he’s proposing. And his “amnesty” slip wasn’t really a slip. This is amnesty, as well it should be. And that makes Republican lawmakers even more ill at ease.

In any event, Politico has some behind-the-scenes gossip…

The bitter fight over a comprehensive immigration overhaul has pushed President Bush and his fellow Republicans to the brink of divorce — and, for the first time, the opportunities for reconciliation appear severely limited.

House leaders played down the friction Wednesday, but Republicans have predicted a showdown with the White House over immigration since Democrats took control of Congress last fall. And that longstanding tension spilled out Tuesday when GOP lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to reject the Senate — and, by turns, the White House — immigration overhaul. [...]

Republicans theatrically opposed the Senate’s comprehensive immigration overhaul last summer. But the vitriol spiked again Tuesday during two closed-door sessions in which House Republicans considered a symbolic resolution opposing the Senate bill.

“This is our magic carpet ride,” one lawmaker proclaimed to the applause of his colleagues, according to a member present.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said he and a group of fellow Republicans decided to move forward with their resolution rejecting the Senate bill after Bush berated opponents who called the legislation “amnesty.”

My prediction…it’s dead…again.

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2 Responses to “Immigration Reform Stalling…Again”

  1. Ed Weirdness Says:

    I would argue that the dismal approval ratings of the President and both Houses of Congress is more representative of the will of the people who overwhelmingly oppose the Senate’s dangerously misguided immigration/amnesty legislation. The truly disturbing aspect of this entire fiasco is how wrong Senate members got this legislation, their arrogant disregard of the views, values and interests of America’s Citizens, and the enormous effort that this Administration and Senate Elites have put into forcing this egeregious legislation on an unwilling public. This particularly heinous as both the President and Senate elites are holding enforcement of existing immigration laws hostage in an effort to force their will on America’s Citizens.

  2. Simmons Says:

    This is almost amnesty. That is a positive, not a negative. The only problem is, Congress isn’t doing it right. They’re charging illegal immigrants $5000 to become a citizen; how is an immigrant supposed to do that, IF THEY CAME HERE TO EARN MONEY?

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