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Bloomberg Slams 2 Party System

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics

Who knows if he’ll run for President and who knows if anybody will be willing to vote for him…but he’s certainly singing a very interesting tune. From USA Today: Bloomberg, who left the GOP and is asked almost daily about running for president, said Wednesday that neither the Republican nor Democratic Party “stands for anything.” […]

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No Bid = No Accountability

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, War

The Department of Homeland Security has some ‘splaining to do… From Wash Post: The project started in 2003 with a $2 million contract to help the new Department of Homeland Security quickly get an intelligence operation up and running. Over the next year, the cost of the no-bid arrangement with consultant Booz Allen Hamilton soared […]

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Ron Paul’s Web Site Tops In GOP Field

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Technology

He went from fifth to first, and is leading the field by a larger margin on the GOP side than Hillary is on the Dem side. From Clickz: In a custom report created for ClickZ News, Hitwise measured traffic market share of the candidate sites. The measurement firm found traffic to Democratic candidate sites was […]

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Immigration Reform Stalling…Again

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Immigration, Legislation

No surprise here. The GOP sees an approval rating in the low 20s for Bush and is running away from any type of reform he’s proposing. And his “amnesty” slip wasn’t really a slip. This is amnesty, as well it should be. And that makes Republican lawmakers even more ill at ease. In any event, […]

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Ann “hominem” Coulter

By mw | Related entries in Partisan Hacks

Coulter has an agenda, she writes in the service of that agenda to entertain and sway opinion to her objective. In that regard, she is one of the top tier of propagandists working in the in political cotton field, harvesting the hearts and minds of the American electorate.

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Young and the Restless

By Kevin | Related entries in News

The NY Times released the findings this week to an internally sponsored poll of 659 young adults, most of whom will be eligible to vote in the 2008 presidential election. The NYT/CBS News/MTV sponsored poll revealed some interesting trends, with the underlying pattern revealing an issue-by-issue favoritism towards social, economic and international Liberalism: Forty-four percent […]

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Warren Buffet On Regressive Taxation

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy

There’s a reason a lot of Democrats want to raise taxes on the rich. Because Republicans are right, it is class warfare, but the rich are paying LESS than the middle class and even one of the richest people in the world acknowledges it. From the Wash Post: NEW YORK, June 26 — Warren E. […]

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Cheney the environmentalist?

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Environment, General Politics, News

Okay, he’s nothing of the sort. In their final installment in the Cheney series, the Washington Post tackles his environmental record. It’s not pretty. We again see the same methodology: operating in secret, reaching down to the lowest levels of the bureaucracy to effect the policies he wants. In this case, though, it’s hard to […]

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Why Cheney Isn’t Following Executive Order

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The War On Terrorism

One of his aides explains. From Wash Post: In a letter to Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), Cheney Chief of Staff David S. Addington wrote that the order treats the vice president the same as the president and distinguishes them both from “agencies” subject to the oversight provisions of the executive order. Addington did not […]

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New Blogroll Addition: Reliable Politics

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, General Politics

I got an email from Rick over at Reliable Politics and dug through his blog. What I found was very informative, non-partisan and highly relevant to the 2008 contest. It’s kind of like Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, only not as “inside the tent.” Here are some posts I enjoyed: Indian-Americans Give Clinton $2 Million Tancredo: […]

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