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Israeli Spill

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The ‘First, DO Harm’ Act – CA Prop 14

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Bad Decisions, California, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Independents, Partisan Nonsense, Politics

I wont be nearly the first person to be writing about California’s Proposition 14. I’m coming late into the game, having only listened to the vague positive talking points of the California Independent Voter Network (CAIVN), and their allies, who have talked this proposition up. But I began to see some dissent, and took at […]

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Surprise! States Running Surpluses

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The doomsayers are out in full force today…which I find puzzling. After all, the jobs report today, while not overtly positive, was still nearly 200,000 better than the previous month and one would think it could be seen as either neutral or slightly positive. Yes, many of the jobs added were seasonal and created by […]

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