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Major Corporations Evade Taxes To The Tune of $100 Billion

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Every year we hear these numbers and they become increasingly hard to believe. How can all of these corporations get away with squirreling away so much money offshore and paying so little in taxes. Take a look at GE, Bank of America, Wells Fargo…and everybody’s favorite…BP. Want more examples? Find them over at Tweet

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Obama: Let’s Have An Up Or Down Vote On Fiscal Cliff

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Looks like Obama doesn’t want to go over the cliff after all. Here’s more from NBC News… So, the heads of the Senate went to work… After weeks of fruitless negotiations between the president and Speaker John A. Boehner, Mr. Obama turned to Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, […]

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Treasury Sells AIG Stake. Makes $22.7B Profit From $182B Bailout.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bailouts, Good Decisions, Money

So much for moral hazard… 9:39AM EST December 11. 2012 – WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Treasury Department said Tuesday that it has sold all its remaining shares of American International Group (AIG), moving to wrap up the government’s biggest bailout of the 2008 financial crisis. Treasury said it received $32.50 per share for its […]

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Romney Outraises Obama In June By $35M

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More precisely, Romney and the RNC pulled in $106M. Obama and the DNC pulled in $71M. So a huge money gap there and just one more indicator that it’s set to be a tough election cycle. From Buzzfeed: Earlier today the Romney campaign announced its $106 million haul, split with the Romney Victory joint fundraising […]

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Corporate Profits At All Time High, Wages At All Time Low

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Business, Economy, Money

The corporate tax rate needs to be dropped. Right… Corporate profits as a % of GDP… Wages as a % of GDP… Who shared the graphs? None other than Mr. Internet Bubble himself, Henry Blodget. He has since reformed and started a reliable site called Business Insider he started a couple years ago. And he’s […]

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Debt Collection Infographic – What You Need To Know

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Debt, Economic crisis, Economic recovery, Economy, Infographic, Money

During the past decade many Americans have faced a reality where their debt has exceeded their income, sometimes through no fault of their own. So when I saw an infographic come in about how consumers can protect themsleves, I thought it would be interesting to share. This from the creator, Frugal Dad: Collector abuse is […]

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Are Our Tax Dollars Going to Waste? (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Money, Taxes

When you look around your city or hometown, do you wonder how your income tax dollars are being put to use? Well, look no further, because the infographic below outlines a number of ways in which your hard-earned money is being spent, and whether it’s doing any good. For the first time in history, our […]

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Gallup: Buffett Rule Is VERY Popular

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Money, Obama, Romney, Taxes

Not that this surprising, but the numbers are bigger than I thought… Listen, we’re not dummies. Obama is going to go after Romney’s wealth and ask why he doesn’t favor taxing the rich the same as all of us. Gallup has more… Given President Obama’s persistent emphasis this year on the need to increase taxes […]

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Defending the defensible: Citizens United two years and one election later.

By mw | Related entries in Elections, Money, Supreme Court

Instead of speculating about the future, enough time has passed that we can now begin to assess the actual effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision as opposed to succumbing to our fear and loathing of what might hypothetically happen. Tim Cavanaugh of Reason Magazine takes a look at the subsequent impact.

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Personal Credit Card Debt Levels Inch Back Up

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Money

Right before the financial crisis hit, there were reports that Americans were spending about a cent more than they were saving. This was due to many factors, but I definitely think the “pay it later” attitude that our government (and every other government in the first world) has adopted is to blame in some part. […]

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