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Candy Crush Saga Best Tips Power Candies and Color Bombs


Candy Crush Saga is a free mobile puzzle game that has been released by King back in 2012. Today, the game is still being played by millions of people, as the developer keeps releasing new levels to keep the players interested. Here are some tips that you can use while playing this popular game on your device.

Saving Power Candies For Combos

When you get a power candy, you should NEVER use it right away. Instead, you will have to wait for the right moment in order to make an awesome combo that will clear your table. By using pink crusted doughnuts, jelly fishes, rainbow sprinkles and wrapped candies in conjunction with each other, you will get some awesome clearing combos.

For example, if you will “mix” two rainbow sprinkles, it will result into a big blast that will clear large amount of sweet on your board. In other words, try to mix and match these power candies and you will soon be able to clear the table with just a few moves.

Using Two Color Bombs

When you will combine two color bombs together, you will notice that the entire board will be cleared and you will get an amazing amount of points. You should always aim for this combo, as it will be very easy to clear the stage.

Game Tips Are Not Always The Best Moves

When the game sees that you are not making any move, it will start giving you some tips on what combinations you can try. However, keep in mind that the combinations that the game gives you are not always the best ones. If you are rushing, you can use a few combination tips, but never take full advantage of this feature, because there are high chances that you will never clear the stage.

Try Getting Three Stars

You should always try to get three stars while playing Candy Crush Saga. In order to get a very good score in this game, you will need to pay attention to the star meter located on the left side of the puzzle.

You should always aim for the three stars as much as you can because your final score will reflect on it.

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