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Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.6 Version Update Received Big Content


The latest update for Minecraft’s Pocket Edition of the game has included content inspired by Chinese Mythos, and as such, players will be able to experience giant pandas, ancient cities and dragons.

This content update arrives with the 1.0.6 version update for Minecraft that also includes brand new skins, new building blocks and various fixes. In the meantime, the store has seen the Worlds section added to it and it now includes a free Redstone Mansion map.

Somewhat of a horror themed fix, Mojang has said that there will be skeletal horses that can spawn from various traps and that they can actually be tamed and ridden. Among the new things which have been addressed in the update is the range of slimes which, according to them, is now correct and that baby mobs now have their idle sounds returned to them. Also, snow golem pumpkin heads have received their proper scale when used with Add-Ons.

One problem that Minecraft: Pocket Edition had was the fact that some Android users have reported their game not being able to launch.  Luckily, this has been addressed in the last patch and it now works just fine. Also, a crash has been fixed in Reals when you get attacked by Blaze as well as arrows fired from dispensers will properly hit whatever is in front of it. Lit furnaces cannot be obtained by using a pickaxes with a Silk Touch anymore.

This was just a little update provided by Mojang who apparently are very interested in keeping Minecraft: Pocket Edition continuously fresh and not just accept that the game is good enough. As of today, version 1.0.6 will be arriving on the Play Store and can be downloaded by all users who have the game.

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