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Clash of Clans Ships, Multi-Village Support and Night Mode Features


According to a new leak that we have recently seen, Clash of Clans will receive some significant changes. The future patch will offer a night mode, a village support and the ships. Needless to say, fans are thrilled since they have been waiting for these changes for ages.

More Details about the Update

The upcoming update for the Clash of Clans is said to majorly change the game. International Business Times reported that the changes are completely different than what we have seen until now. Supercell confirmed the changes that they will soon introduce, but we still didn’t receive a preview of them. Even so, there was an image leaked recently which showcased what is to come for the strategy game.

The image appeared first on the Clash of Clans subthread on the popular Reddit network. It presented some Chinese text on it, and it was partially translated by fans. iDigital Times reported that the message was about a second Village. The text was seen by gamers and followers alike as being a confirmation of the fact that we may not encounter a problem with account swapping for various Villages. Moreover, we could also expect a perfect transition between various Villages, which is awesome!

What’s more, the image also confirmed that highly anticipated Night Mode. This translates to the fact that gamers can now build and maintain some momentum under the stars instead of during daylight. Finally, the troops will be arriving on the beach front by ships. Needless to say, the image has shown that the ships will be essential for the future battles and this increases the interest for the game and the changes.


All in all, everybody is happy that the future update will rely on ships, multi-village options and the night mode, which makes it perhaps the most important update ever.

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