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Clash Of Clans TH12 Update Release Date Could Take Longer Than Expected


There were a lot of speculations going around the Internet regarding the upcoming release date of Clash of Clans TH12 update. For some, it will arrive in 2018, while others think that it will be no later than 2019.

Well, here are some reasons why it might not happen any time soon.

  • Supercell, the game’s developer, has yet to fine-tune TH11, as it tries to look on new possibilities for the troops and heroes alike
  • Troop levels can still be increased, just as the hero and the wall upgrades are imminent in order to distinguish it to TH10’s
  • Supercell is also looking to bridge the gap between TH11s and TH10s, so it is much more of an improvement rather than bringing in new Town Hall level components

Basically, only a small percentage of players are having maxed out TH11 bases who are eagerly awaiting for TH12. In fact, majority of the active players are still in TH8, TH9, and TH10.

Thus, they are working harder than ever to put the game to an end. Supercell, to the very least, would also want to discourage players to continue playing having the same drive by introducing a new TH level.


Builder Base

Before the max bases of TH11 are ready for TH12, Supercell is quick to introduce the Builder Base. Thus, it is obvious that Supercell is giving them something that max TH11s can play separately from the Home Village.

Nevertheless, with rumors regarding the release date of TH12, you can’t help but wonder about the new things that might be introduced to the game.

Final Say

According to people who indulge in analyzing the current trend of Clash of Clans, there is a great possibility that the TH12 update will happen this year. But the problem is the exact date of release, since there are lots of things yet to be accomplished by Supercell.

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