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Pokemon GO Latest Update Has Bugs That Ruin The Progression In The Game


Fans of Pokemon GO will be thrilled, or enraged depending on who you ask, to know that there is a bug which helps players accumulate great amounts of Experience in the game. This is resulted from Niantic’s most recent update, which ironically was also intended to fix several bugs and issues that were reported by players. This has obviously caused a great amount of buzz within its gaming community.

Bugs and glitches are not something new to Pokemon GO, or games in general, and as such players are quite used to experiencing them occasionally. However, there is a big issue when it ruins the progression in the game by adding huge amounts of XP and as such by-passing the core gameplay-mechanic. Players will be able to take full advantage of this and earn big amounts of XP at an hourly basis

This Pokemon GO bug has been discovered by the community and players when someone posted his experience with it on Reddit after finishing some gym battles. A player going by the nickname of A1Ale has shared what he experienced. He basically shared one picture of him defeating a total number of 92 Pokemon monsters and received about 13,800 Experience points.

According to the player, he initially believed this was just a simply visual glitch but as soon as he proceeded to the next screen, he was amazed to find out that he actually received the aforementioned amount of experience points and the visual bug was an actual experience bug.

According to reports from the Reddit post, this XP bug supposedly starts when multiple trainers are attacking a gym at the same time. Once the gym battle is over, the game has a few seconds of lag and then proceeds to giving the players the massive amount of XP. This is most likely because the game adds up the experience of all players and gives all of them the resulting number. Most Pokemon GO players have reported that they received the exact same amount of points but to some, the number of Pokemon monsters that were defeated was different.

This will probably be quickly addressed in a patch-fix in the next few days as no doubt Niantic wants to avoid more and more people exploiting this bug and breaking the balance overall. What is to be seen is they will implement a way to revert the players which have exploited this bug to a former state prior to them having these large amounts of extra XP.

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