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94% Of Candidates Who Raise The Most Money Win Election?

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Dylan Ratigan wants to get money COMPLETELY out of politics. Not just corporate money or soft money…ALL money. Pretty bold. But when you consider his stat, which is the title of this post, it’s pretty sobering to consider how much of a vice grip money has on how our political system is shaped. Because it’s […]

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GOP Hopefuls Pick Hypothetical Running Mates

By Jennn Fusion | Related entries in Elections, Republicans, Veep

During the Fox News debate last night, the GOP hopefuls were posed one of our favorite questions during the election season: “If you had to choose one of your opponents on the stage tonight to be your running mate in the 2012 election, who would you choose, and why?  And why would this person help […]

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How The GOP Wins (Or Loses) The White House In 2012

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Economy, Elections, Huckabee, Obama, Palin, Republicans, Romney, Taxes

Obama is baiting the trap and if the GOP candidate doesn’t take it in 2012, it could spell trouble for the Dems. Last night the President said this… I have no doubt that everyone will find something in this compromise that they don’t like. In fact, there are things in here that I don’t like […]

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GOP and unemployment benefits

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Russ Feingold Falls In Wisconsin

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Republicans, Wisconsin

It doesn’t look like it’ll even be close. From TPM: As the Republican wave spreads across the country, it’s time to say goodbye to one of the big-name progressive champions of the past 18 years: Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), champion of campaign finance reform and longtime opponent of the Patriot Act, has gone down in […]

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Lincoln Loses To Boozman In Arkansas

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This is one seat that the Dems probably won’t get back any time soon. From LA Times: Lincoln, who reluctantly voted for Obama’s healthcare insurance overhaul, carried the flag for Democrats but often disagreed with her more liberal colleagues. For example, she was one of the few Democrats to vote for the Bush administration tax […]

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Blumenthal Beat McMahon In Connecticut Senate Race

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Connecticut, Democrats, Elections, Republicans

One! Two! Three! With less than 1% or precincts reporting, Blumenthal leads by 62%-36%, and has been projected as the winner by Fox News and NBC News. (Keep in mind that with so few precincts in, the margin is likely to fluctuate considerably throughout the night — the current numbers are not final.) McMahon apparently […]

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Joe Manchin Wins West Virginia Senate Seat

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Republicans, West Virginia

This one was close for a while, but Manchin started to pull away after he made some ads that targeted Obama and his health care bill. That apparently helped him with independents and moderate Dems. Here’s more from TPM: We now have a result in a key red state — where Democrats have been saved […]

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Roy Blunt Wins Senate Seat In Missouri

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Republicans

Kit Bond’s old seat stays with the Republicans. Robin Carnahan ran a very anemic campaign and she never really felt like a leader. This is no surprise, but at one point some thought this could be a pick up. Done and done. Tweet

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Is It A Sure Thing Republicans Take The House?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Polls, Republicans

Well, of course the answer is no and Nate Silver offers five reasons why. I’ll summarize here, but you should really check out this blog post. It’s pretty long, but a great read. Of course it will all be null and void in about four hours. Reason #1 – The Cell Phone Effect: This one […]

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