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Thanksgiving tradition – precedented and “un”

By mw | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Barack, China, Economy, Fiscal Responsibility, Food

The administration that has initiated so much that is unprecedented in American politics, introduced an unprecedented new Thanksgiving tradition – carving up our currency for the holidays.

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Case studies in the Politics of Food and Choice: Eggs & Salt

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Consumer Safety, Food, News

I stumbled across an interesting article on eggs yesterday while sitting in Borders reading up on something I’m going to be doing an in depth series of posts on. Apparently a study at the USDA has shown that factory farm eggs are far less nutritious than pastured eggs. I don’t know what causes this… although […]

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Why We Are Fat

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Food, Health Care

We overeat. It’s that simple. Oh, sure, we could probably exercise more and eat more fiber and all that, but, after looking at and studying this issue for years, I’m pretty sure the solution to the American obesity problem is for everyone to eat less. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds – not […]

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Study: Americans Aren’t Lazy, We Just Eat Too Much

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Food, Health Care

We all know that Americans have put on a little weight over the last few decades. The solution, we hear, is to exercise more and eat less. Well, a new study suggests that, really, eating less is the only viable option. It seems we’re not much less active now than we were in the 1970s. […]

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More Links Between Weight Gain and Poor Health

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Food, Health Care

A recent study on how being overweight affects health showed a link between even modest weight gain and an increased risk for heart failure. The study, which tracked the health of over 21,000 male doctors, found that for every extra seven pounds gained, the risk of heart failure rose by 11 percent over the next […]

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Things go better without Coke

By John Burke | Related entries in Food, New York, Taxes

On Wednesday, New York’s Governor David Patterson unveiled a proposed $121-billion budget for next year, which includes a barrage or 88 new or higher taxes and fees to help close a $15.4-billion gap. Among the new revenue raisers are an “I-Pod tax” on downloaded music, sales taxes on cable and satellite TV, new taxes on […]

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