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Carving the Currency

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Observing the carving of our currency, as it is sliced by administration fiscal policy and diced by Fed monetary policy.

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Stress Tests Show Citi And BoA Need To Raise $10B+ Each

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Banks, geithner, Money

It’s almost been two months since Geithner announced the details of how the stress tests would go down, and now the government is set to announce the results for a bunch of banks. Still, the focus is certainly on the top two. From Financial Times: Citigroup and Bank of America are working on plans to […]

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Stress Tests for Wall Street — What About the Billions in off-the-Books Toxic Assets?

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At the center of President Obama’s overhaul strategy for Wall Street are the “stress tests” which will be applied to all financial institutions. But how accurate will the test results be? That will depend on whether the treasury takes off-balance-sheet assets into account, experts say. This is Danielle Ivory, reporting from the American News Project […]

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Obama’s Economic Policies Cut Unusual Path

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Economy, geithner

Today, political columnist E. J. Dionne lays out the central conundrum to Barack Obama’s economic policies: Describing what Obama is up to leads quickly to sentences freighted with contradictions. He wants to regulate the market more tightly in order to save it. He thinks big government is required now if we are to return to […]

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