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2012: Barack Obama Versus… Mike Huckabee?

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Some interesting polling numbers from PPP via Favorable / Unfavorable Newt Gingrich: 33 / 42 Mike Huckabee: 45 / 28 Sarah Palin: 40 / 49 Mitt Romney: 37 / 34 2012 President Obama 49%, Gingrich 41% Obama 47%, Huckabee 44% Obama 52%, Palin 38% Obama 47%, Romney 40% What is most notable to me […]

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Poll: Obama Beats All 2012 GOPers

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(NOTE: I misread the poll results. The poll is among ALL voters. I’ll strike what isn’t relevant anymore, but most of my comments weren’t about the Republican nature of this poll anyway. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to Simon for pointing this out.) This was a bit of a surprise, especially considering that only […]

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The Ubiquitous Mike Huckabee

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Is he running for 2012 or America’s Sweetheart? Probably both. Jonathan Martin lays it out… Mike Huckabee has a new book coming out, a weekly talk show on Fox and is an in-demand speaker. But apparently he’s got some spare time. The former Arkansas governor and once and perhaps future presidential candidate has inked a […]

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Huckabee Heads To Iowa This Month

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Sure, it’s just a book tour, but we all know what it’s really about. From NY Times: Mr. Huckabee’s new book could offer him a fresh platform to weigh in on the emerging debate over the Republican Party’s future. His Web site describes it as: “Huckabee’s amazing story, in his own words s — from […]

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The Race Begins For 2012

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Huckabee, Palin, Polls, Romney

Yeah, yeah, I know it sucks, but this is politics and the speculation is bound to beginning immediately. In any event, NBC and the Wall Street Journal did a poll and guess who topped their list? That’s right: Mitt Romney. I wrote yesterday about how he was already starting his bid during the campaign itself […]

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Romney 2012?

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Tucker Carlson is convinced he’s already running. So am I. Here’s more… Romney dropped out of the presidential race in February, but he never went away. He quickly became a regular guest on cable news, started a political action committee (which, according to National Review, has already given away more than $200,000 in donations), and […]

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Newsweek: 2012 Republican Front Runners Are…

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Yes, Palin’s on the list, but she ranks third behind Romney and Huckabee. And with a field like that, does she really think she can overcome the perceptions that have formed about her during this election cycle? From Newsweek: If John McCain is not elected president, which one of the following three possible candidates would […]

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Giuliani And Huckabee Now On Drugs?

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Looks like somebody has given the green light to the surrogates to talk about Obama’s past drug use. This doesn’t surprise me about Giuliani, but Huckabee? First Giuliani… Then here’s a link to Huck. Ugh. Tweet

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Heimlich Huckabee

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Huckabee, North Carolina

Former Arkansas Governor and presidential contender Mike Huckabee could apparently have a career as an EMT. This weekend at the North Carolina GOP convention breakfast, Huckabee performed the Heimlich maneuver on Lt. Governor candidate Robert Pittenger who began choking while sitting next to Huckabee. In all seriousness, praise goes out to Huckabee for quick action. […]

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Where’s Huckabee This Weekend?

By Jennn Fusion | Related entries in Huckabee, McCain, Veep

Don’t worry, Huckabee Fans… I was just as perplexed as you when I saw the list of potential Veeps invited to McCain’s BBQ didn’t include Mike Huckabee. Today word’s leaked out that Mike was, in fact, invited to the big McCain Memorial Day Weekend – but he couldn’t make it! Sarah Huckabee says her parents […]

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