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Source: Mitch Daniels In As Purdue President. Does This Mean No Veep Consideration?

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With the news about Marco Rubio’s Veep chances today and then this about Daniels…I’m thinking the pick for Romney is between Rob Portman and Rob Portman. From WISHTV 8: WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) – Purdue University officials plan to vote on a candidate for the school’s next president this week – and WISH-TV has learned […]

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John Edwards Is Back

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Did you ever think he’d really go away? Apparently he’ll be speaking at Indiana University about the results of the election. My question: why? I mean, does anybody really care what John Edwards’ thinks about the Democrats winning? Especially Democrats? All he’s doing is giving the right wing more cannon fodder. One bit of good […]

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Indiana Goes For Obama. Missouri Goes For McCain.

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I don’t know if there will be a recount in either state because the totals are so close, but as I predicted…Missouri didn’t pick the winner for only the second time in over 100 years. On the other hand, Indiana delivered for Obama and I think it was clear from very early in the evening […]

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More Indiana Exit Polls Favor Obama

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Via Hotline… – Obama leading men by 2% and women by 9% – African-American turnout to be 7% — identical to what it was in ’04 – Obama leading Indies, who made up 23% of voters, 56-41% And then, even bigger margins in Vigo county… With 80 percent of the votes counted, Obama leads McCain […]

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Obama Outperforming Kerry In Indiana

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By significant margins in unfriendly counties… Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42% DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38% Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54% Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50% Right now it’s neck and neck, with both candidates grabbing around 46,000 votes with 3% reporting. More as it develops… Tweet

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UPDATE: Republicans Lose Indiana Early Vote Challenge

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I posted about the attempt by some Indiana Republicans to shut down early voting in heavily Democratic precincts and throw early votes out. And as the title telegraphs, their gambit didn’t work. From Indiana Law Blog: The Indiana Supreme Court just agreed, by a vote of 3-2, to decline jurisdiction over the Republicans’ appeal. This […]

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Indiana Election Official “Jokes” About Obama Being A “Black Hitler”

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Normally this wouldn’t make the blog, but we’re talking about an election official here. She clearly should have known better. From FRANKLIN, Ind. (AP) — A Republican county election clerk distributed copies of an apparent chain letter referring to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as a “young, black Adolf Hitler” to two employees but […]

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Big Ten Battleground: Obama Up Big In Key Midwest States

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More numbers bring more bad news for McCain. Now, Big Ten polls the eight states where the Big Ten school are, so some of them (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota) I’m not going to even bother showing since they’re safely blue. Instead, I’ll focus on four McCain has been campaigning in recently. Indiana: +10 Obama 51% […]

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CNN/Time: Obama Makes Gains In NC, OH, WI, IN, NH

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First the numbers… New Hampshire: Obama 53%, McCain 45% Obama 51%, McCain 43%, Barr 3%, Nader 1% Wisconsin: Obama 51%, McCain 46% Obama 50%, McCain 42%, Nader 4%, Barr 1% Ohio: Obama 50%, McCain 47% Obama 48%, McCain 45%, Nader 3%, Barr 2% North Carolina: Obama 49%, McCain 49% Obama 49%, McCain 48%, Barr 2% […]

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Today, we take a look back at this week in the election and also have an in-depth discussion about the Obama Campaign’s general election strategy. [Listen Online] or [Download] [Subscribe to’s Presidential Election Podcast] Feel free to email us questions/suggestions for our next podcast (you can also email an audio file of your question […]

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