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Former Former Bush Solicitor General Wants To Overturn Prop 8

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This was a bit of a surprise when I heard about it, but apparently Ted Olson has joined forces with the Equal Rights Foundation and they’ve just sent out a press release about yesterday’s decision. Here are some key excerpts (.pdf) … “Yesterday, the California Supreme Court said that the California Constitution compels the State […]

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California Upholds Gay Marriage Ban, But Gay Marriage Wins

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Anybody who reads this blog knows where I fall on the gay marriage issue, but the Supreme Court of California wasn’t reallly deciding the validity of gay marriage itself, so the ruling was actually dead on in my opinion. This article from Bloomberg points out why… The court legalized gay marriage a year ago before […]

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Quote Of The Day – 5 Years Of Gay Marriage

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“Having two parents who can feel and express love for each other, and give it in abundance to their children, that’s what matters. It doesn’t matter what the identities of those parents are.” – Heidi Nortonsmith, one of the original gay couples to marry in Massachusetts in 2004. Here’s more about how things have gone […]

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Maine Becomes 5th State To Legalize Gay Marriage

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Thankfully, the trend continues… AUGUSTA, Maine — In a banner day in New England for advocates of gay marriage, Maine legalized the practice Wednesday, and the New Hampshire Legislature voted to do the same. Maine Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, signed LD 1020 shortly after the legislation passed the Senate with a 21-13 vote — […]

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Quote Of The Day – Gay Friends

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“I’ve had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children. But at the same time, they’re people, and they’re going to do their thing.” – Joe Wurzelbacher sharing his views on friendship Now, does anybody here think […]

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Americans’ Views, They Are A Changin’

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Take a look at the following at see how many of these you agree with. From ABC: Support for gay marriage, legalizing illegal immigrants and decriminalizing marijuana all are at new highs. Three-quarters of Americans favor federal regulation of greenhouse gases. Two-thirds support establishing relations with Cuba. But hold tight. If some views that may […]

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Poll: Gay Marriage Support Growing Quickly

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I’m telling you, it’s going to happen one way or another, and now it seems to be tipping away from civil unions and towards full marriage rights. In fact, a new NYTimes/CBS poll reveals that… In March, 35% thought same sex couples should have no legal recognition. That numbers has dropped 7% since then. 69% […]

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Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

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Picked this up from Doug’s site and it’s worth watching the whole thing. And so we have the inherent problem with every single argument coming out of the religious right wing opposing gay marriage…none of them can be defended by anything other than distorted facts or personal opinions. It was the same with the anti-miscegenation […]

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An Interesting Wrinkle About Gay Marriage In D.C.

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One thing to remember is that D.C.’s council only voted to recognize other state’s gay marriages. And maybe this is why they haven’t taken the next step. Due to D.C.’s strange system of governance, the District’s laws are subject to approval by Congress. If D.C. passes a gay marriage ordinance, the House Committee on Oversight […]

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Washington D.C. Recognizes Other States’ Same Sex Marriages

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More good news… Domestic partnerships are already legal in the nation’s capital. But yesterday’s vote, billed as an important milestone in gay rights, explicitly recognizes relocated gay married couples as married. The initial vote was 12-0. The unanimous vote sets the stage for future debate on legalizing same-sex marriage in the District and a clash […]

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